• Roger E. Smith

    I can’t get my NCE system to program a Doehler and Haass sound decoder. Anyone know why?

    • Hi Roger,
      Thanks for the question. I don’t know NCE systems, and forgive me for the basic question:
      Is the decoder connected to a motor (either via wires or plugged in if your engine has a digital plug)? If yes, does the motor (or some lights) react when sending programming orders?
      Of course I am assuming that you do know that you can’t program (change) sounds via another brand’s programmer/DCC control station, and that you only wish to change CVs (which should be possible) 😉

      • Roger E. Smith

        The decoder is connected, factory installed in a Brawa sound loco. My system can’t read or write any CV. Don’t want to change any sounds, just basic CVs. I don’t notice any response, the DCC system just says “can’t read CV”

        • That’s annoying indeed. Does the NCE allow for blind programming of CVs? (meaning just send a value without trying to read it). If so I would try and program a new address in CV no 1 (factory setting is 3 in DCC, so try 5 for example), on the programming track of course. See if the engine does respond on the main track to address 5 then. Some systems have issues reading CVs but not writing them, might be a long shot but worth the try…

          • Roger E. Smith

            I think you refer to what is called programming on the main. But I tried blind programming on the programming track, without success. Tried to change CV 29, for example. My friend has a Lenz DCC system which had no problem reading and writing CVs. So the problem is not with the D&H decoder, but with the DCC system, and I’m going to call then tomorrow.

          • Well I was mentioning regular (programming track) programming, since Programming On the Main is sadly often manufacturer related (except if you had a Railcom compatible system – mostly EU manufacturers – Railcom based POM could have worked). But you have tried indeed, so sorry it didn’t work and I couldn’t help further. I hope NCE’s service will be able to Roger!

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