• mustafa

    Hi,nice article! I have both Digitrax Zephyr and the Bachmann Dynamis. I know the Dynamis was developed by ESU but lacks lot of the features of ECOS II. I am thinking about getting the ECOS II. The digitrax is a pain in the butt to figure stuff out. The dynamis has 2.5 amps output without any booster. What do you get from ECos II?

  • mustafa

    Hi Pierre, Thanks a lot for your quick response! I am going to purchase the ESU ECOS 2 central unit within the next few weeks. Do I need to get anything else with it to start using it immediately? Also, can I use my existing Bachmann Dynamis wireless throttle with it?

    • You’re welcome. No, you don’t need anything, everything is in the box. You can add external boosters later but the 4A booster is already integrated.
      As for the Dynamis, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to look around yourself. As far as I understand, this is a full command station on its own; which means few people would actually need the Dynamis and the ECOS II to work together. But it’s from ESU, so there *might* be a solution to still use the Dynamis as a remote controller…I have no idea.

    • A few extra words to my initial reply Mustafa: when I meant “you won’t have to abandon the wireless function of the Dynamis”, I meant you can “replace” the Dynamis by a smartphone app.
      I wasn’t thinking about using the Dynamis with the ECOS. Again, I am not sure this is even possible 😉

    • trainman261

      Actually, you can use your Dynamis with the ECoS – at least to control trains and turnouts. I’m pretty sure you can’t use it to program stuff – you’ll have to use the ECoS for that. Basically, you set up your Dynamis the way you would set it up for a normal layout – except that you connect the wire for the tracks to the ECoSniffer port at the back. There are some restrictions – you won’t be able to use the locomotive information from the ECoS on the Dynamis – you’ll have to have a second database on the Dynamis – and I think you’ll only be able to control F0-8 with your Dynamis.

  • gothicmaestro

    Also there has been released “ECoS Cab” for Windows Phone users.


    • Thanks for sharing, I’ll add a note in the blog post.

    • gothicmaestro

      There has been released the ECos Cab Windows Store app version for tablets and PCs.
      For download please go to http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/ecos-cab/eeea527a-d305-461f-a8b6-c00cf54750be.

      Windows 8.1 app version 1.0 has all the same functionality as the latest Windows Phone app version 2.2:

      – multiple command stations profiles;
      – auto reconnect after connection lost;
      – command station summary;
      – command station power control;
      – items statistics;
      – adjustable memory for recently used locomotives/accessories;
      – categories of Favorites for locomotives/accessories;
      – locomotives/accessories groups;
      – locomotive/accessory control, editing and information;
      – locomotive capturing;
      – locomotive movement adjustment;
      – up to 29 locomotive functions;
      – feedback sensors monitorig and editing (beta);
      – RSS page with application news and development blog updates;
      – save/restore profiles within account and to/from OneDrive;
      – user groups of locomotives/accessories;

      Please see all supported features and full/trial versions comparison at http://ecoscab.at.ua/index/versions_comparison/0-4.

      The application is available for free for those users who already bought the Windows Phone app version.

  • Jimmy Low

    ESU has just released their new Mobile Control II to work with ECoS 50200. Unfortunately it is only in Deutsch – http://www.esu.eu/produkte/digitale-steuerung/mobile-control-ii/
    Modellbahnshoplippe selling this for abt 260€.

  • sergio e olavarrieta

    I have not been able to save the accessory definitions. When I turn the ECoS of and the on, al the definitions are gone. How do I save them? Please help

    • Hi Sergio, this is weird and shouldn’t happen.

      Just to be sure, are you turning the Ecos Off correctly? (keeping the red button pressed, then wait until “you can unplug” is displayed”).

      Otherwise, just go to the esu.eu website, they have an english forum as well, and contacts for technical support. Hope you’ll solve this!

  • Craig Shaw

    I’m looking at an ECoS 2 to run marklin with mfx and DCC decoders. This seems the best multiprotocol controller out there. I know Marklin disengaged with Marklin after the CS1 and produce their own CS2 and CS3. Is ESU the best way forward, Marklin seems to change products regularly.

  • Hi Craig,
    I’m not an expert in Marklin CS and Mfx. I think ultimately, it’s a personal choice. The CS3 is brand new (albeit, not so much different from the CS2), and seems to be a great device. The EcosII has got older hardware, but is constantly updated through software. Also of course, ESU is behind the invention of Mfx, so as far as I know, you get all Mfx functions with an EcosII (called “M4” for copyright reasons).
    I personally like the idea of a real protocol neutral manufacturer like ESU, however, on paper, the CS3 does just the same.
    Look at the specs in details, and ultimately, maybe the look or some detail (like the chip card reader on the CS3) will be a deciding factor for you.


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