DCC, Motorola, MFX…what are these? A quick summary for digital model railroading beginners.

Digital protocols are at the heart of modern model railroading. Yes, some people prefer analog trains and that’s perfectly fine. But running a digital layout opens so many possibilities!

Digital Protocols for model trains

For an overview of digital protocols, download the Cheat Sheet available as a PDF here!

Digital Model Railroading protocols

Introducing the LocGeek Cheat Sheets

I will be adding more of those cheat sheets in the future. Sometimes, a few pictures is better than long texts. A new section of the website will also soon list all available cheat sheets (well, as soon as more are available).

Feel free to share, print and email those cheat sheets. Whether you are a beginner in need of pointers, or an model train expert in need of reminders, they are for you!
Of course, just as the rest of LocGeek.com, they are available in English and also in French.
Hope you will like them, don’t hesitate to comment!