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1) Liability for Content

I compile the content of this website with utmost care, drawing upon various sources of information. While I endeavor to ensure the up-to-dateness, accuracy, and completeness of the website content, absolute liability cannot be assumed. Please be aware that I may utilize AI assistance to aid in writing or correcting some of the content. However, rest assured that the majority of the content is crafted by me, a passionate human, with love and dedication. Reviews, tests, and opinions expressed on this blog reflect my personal viewpoints, which are protected by local and international laws. My content is compiled in good faith and with meticulous attention to detail. I cannot be held liable for any property or financial damage that may arise directly or indirectly from the consultation of this website. I am not responsible for monitoring third-party information provided or stored on our website. However, any illegal content will be promptly removed upon request. Liability in such cases shall commence only at the time I become aware of the infringement​.

2) Liability for Links

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3) Copyright

Creative Commons License
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This means – among other things – that you are NOT authorised to use any content of this blog (including text, videos, pictures and other elements) for any commercial purpose without my express consent. I compile this website on my free time, and I am happy to do so. Therefore, I reserve myself the right to seek compensation, as permitted by the license and to the full extend of the law, if you copy content from this website in view of financial profits. Please refer to the license for details.
If you would like to use or link some content for non commercial or non profit purposes, don’t hesitate to inform me, I will be glad to do the same!

Please note that some of the content featured on this website, such as screenshots or product images, may be owned by other companies. These materials are used here in accordance with fair use laws, which allow for limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, particularly for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

4) Privacy policy

4.1) General terms

A visit to this website may result in some data points being stored electronically, whereas no personal information (name, address or e-mail address) is stored or analyzed. Please note that there are inherent risks to transmitting data online, via the Internet or via Email. It is impossible to completely safeguard any electronic database from third-party access. Therefore, I cannot assume any liability for damages resulting from the exploitation of potential security vulnerabilities. However, all reasonable measures will be taken to safeguard your data, subject to this limitation.
No personal information available on this website should be used, gathered (either manually or automatically), stored by anyone for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertisement, emails (spam) or any similar unsolicited marketing purpose. I reserve the right to take legal action should this term not be respected.

4.2) Analytics (Matomo)

This website makes use of Matomo Analytics, an open-source audience analysis tool by Matomo ( It is used to improve the content of this website by allowing the author to observe visitors activity.
Matomo uses small text files stored on your computer (“Cookies”) to allow an analysis of how you use the website.
The data gathered by Matomo is stored locally for analysis purposes. It is not transmitted to any other party. However, the author reserves the right to publish global and anonymous statistics.

Analytics include GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

Statistics are important to the author in order to constantly improve the website content. However, your privacy is paramount. If you have enabled the “do not track” option in your browser, your data will not be gathered.

4.3) User Comments

By commenting on the website, you explicitly accept that some information will be retained. As for any other data, you can request deletion of this data at any time.

5) Contact

For any question related to this website please contact the editor: pierre (my first name) at – or via any of the social networks.