• Edo

    Hi Pierre thank you for sharing your experiences with this programmer and I am looking forward to the final comparison. It’s great you reviewed all of these 3 major offerings.

    It’s worth noting that if someone has a Zimo command station or a Roco/Fleischmann Z21, they can already update their decoders directly. I consider the not requiring an additional expense and device, actually very customer friendly.

    Based on that, I think Zimo chose a programming-comms method with the decoder that must very ‘DCC-like’, which is a great choice not having exotic methods. I hope the NRMA will include a programming standard for updating decoders. Would be great and could open up to having better, generic, updating software.

    For the rest, your Zimo software experience reminds me trying a lot of PC based layout programs after having used Rail modeller. Unlike Railmodeller, they all require thinking, reading instructions and dealing with a 90s interface..just for simpel things like connecting flex track between 2 points. It’s a good point to make 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Edo!
      I wouldn’t hold off for a standard programming method from the NMRA to be honest…
      You’re right about the Z21, I’ll mention that in the article!

  • Edo

    Yes. But who knows.. Railcom made it through 🙂 But won’t hold my breath that’s for sure.

  • N Cliffe

    Just a small point, but I understand that the MXULF is supported within JMRI DecoderPro, so that option for changing CV’s is available. It has been subject to change in recent months, so, use the “development versions” until the 3.12 production release is ready.

    • Hi Cliffe, I saw that’s true on paper. I spent 15 minutes trying to get this to work on a Windows 8 64bits. I read drivers for 64bits systems can cause problem (which Zimo should have solved months ago…). So frankly I gave up (I’m lucky engouh to also have a SPROG II to use with JMRI DecoderPro).
      This might be of interest for other readers, but there might be issues with drivers in some versions of windows (and to my knowledge, Zimo provides nothing for Linux or Mac). This comes back to my impression… good engineers, amateur computer developers at Zimo 😉

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