• Austrix

    You are absolutely right!
    Tu as tout à fait raison!
    Du hast völlig Recht!

    Kind regards from Vienna / Amitiés de Vienne / Herzliche Grüße aus Wien


  • Hi Eduard, thanks a lot for the comments.

    You’re right to mention the UK and its diversity in terms of coupling and rolling material. In fact, just last week I ordered another Dapol train (a classic HST 43 train), and it reminded me how technically good those models are…actually one step ahead of many German products IMHO. That and the fact of course, than N is not really 1/160 in the UK.

    I’ll modify the article as you suggested, however as an “N-scaler”, I wouldn’t say the UK really qualifies as a totally different market. When digging for sound decoders for UK rolling stock for example, I always got redirected to ESU (German) products. That said, the N scale may be a specific case.

    Other scales are much more popular in the UK (OO I think), and those surely make for a very specific market.

    I’ll add a link to your excellent blog, and thanks fo the Hans de Loof tip as well!

    As for the Morop and NRMA working more together… my impression was actually that they have stopped working together, but I have no insider information 😉


    • Edo Broekman

      Hello Piere.

      Yes agree agree as a market, it’s more its focus or what I call model railroading culture. Where lots of continental modelling can be recognised by the use of lots of track and buildings with the same faller, kibri and vollmer models, I see a wide variety of buildings and landscape modelling in the UK. This person has some great examples at http://www.009.cd2.com and has published some good books on modelling landscape as well.

      Speaking of product use – I am impressed how some, dealers and users, have taken to Zimo sound decoders there and pull of amazing simulation of UK locomotives sound (OO Scale though).

      Thank you as well – I’v enjoyed many of your articles & product reviews! On that, in the hunt for on-a-budget block detection, I got looking at your LDT + Uhlenbrock solution (the worst website ever).. but somehow when looking for S88 technical information, I found a Dutch manufacturer, Digikeijs making 16x block detection on loconet, rbus for Z21, .. and has a connection for up to 8 S88s – all for just 59 euro. I am ordering two. It has instructions in English, French, German and Dutch – I thought it would carry your approval 🙂



      • A lot of info, thanks again, I’ll need to look at all this 😉

        As for detection, my main solution (not reviewed here yet) is indeed the Uhlenbrock S88 > Loconet adapter (I am using Loconet as a bus now), but with cheap S88 adapters.

        I do not know Digikeijs, but my solution is actually Dutch as well: http://www.floodland.nl/aim/info_bmd16n_sd_en_1.htm

        It’s a very efficient and cheap S88 board with power detection. You order the board there, and then order the components where you want (lists are provided, but with part no for the big EU store Conrad…). You do need to have some basic electronic component knowledge to be sure to order the right ones, but that’s about it.
        I think total cost was about 45eur in my case, for 16 track sections… plus soldering time.


        • Edo Broekman

          Thank you for sharing that website – I had seen his Scale 0 project some time ago but not the DIY things. Can I ask why you didn’t go for the RM88N module from LDT at 40 euro – or 26.50 as kit? Are there differences?

          Will definitely share my experiences with the Digikeijs module. Their 16block S88N modules are not that expensive either.

          • There is a big difference, be careful about that. The RM88N from LDT is a contact feedback bus. It’s only designed to work with Märklin 3-Rails, or on 2 rails only with (for example) magnetic detectors (“ILS”).

            Or you need to buy a second device as an add on, to do the following…

            The module I quote, or the http://www.digikeijs.com/dr4088cs-16-channel-feedback-module-s88n.html are power-consumption based.

            Be sure to read on the difference!

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