How do you store your N scale models? Recently discovered this simple product…

Original boxes or not?

I like to keep all original boxes for my trains. It just makes sense to me. But I know many of us just throw them away and have a custom solution.

But even in my case, sometimes I end up with trains without proper boxes. Be it the original breaking, or simply second hand trains bought on fairs.

Kato solution

Kato has a simple solution, many of you may know, I didn’t! Thanks to a great tip from the user jivebunny on the French forums Le Forum du N, I discover Kato actually sells several elegant and sturdy storage boxes for N Scales trains. You can easily cut to foam to adapt it to any model you may have.

They are rarely seen in stores in Europe, but you can usually order them for about 15-20$ from Japanese sellers on your local amazon (just beware of import duties).

There are many models

  • 7 spaces with foam 10-210
  • 1 engine+6 cars spaces 10-211
  • 4 spaces with foam 10-212
  • Empty box with no foam 10-213
  • 8 spaces with foam 10-214


Anyway, it’s a great tip, here are pictures of my 8-car box 10-214:

Kato 10214 N scale storage box Kato 10214 N scale storage box foam Kato 10214 N scale storage box empty Kato 10214 N scale storage box opened Kato 10214 N scale storage box closed

I thought it was a great tip to share! Head on to the forum post. It’s in French but shows how nice and orderly a set of those boxes can look like.