I haven’t had much time to post on the blog, so here is a quick video about a sound DCC conversion.

DCC Conversion

The Arriva “Alex” BR223 (Fleischmann N 726007) is a diesel Engine running in Bavaria and towards the Czech republic. The 4-car set (Fleischmann N 814701) was a great addition.

Fleischmann 726007 - Arriva BR223 Alex (Side 1) Fleischmann 726007 - Arriva BR223 Alex (Side 2)

This will be a short post, so here is a summary of the DCC conversion:

  • Engine: Removed NEM651 interface, replaced with Next18. Added a Doehler & Haass sound decoder SD-18A. Replaced the original (white only) headlights with white/red LEDs. Also added driver cabin lighting with LEDs.
  • Cars: Each with a LED board with integrated decoder WIB-31 from Tams. The LEDs where much too yellow so I replaced them with sunny white LEDs.


Place for Next18 interface

Adding a Next18 adapter to all old locomotive

Added loudspeaker Added Next18 plug Doehler Hass SD18A decoder Silver lacker & driver cab LEDs Final result with contacts for driver cab lighting