• MesmeroJoe

    Thaks for the great summary! Due to other distractions in the past couple of years, I have not kept up as much as I used to, so this is a great summary! I have to admit, I was perfectly happy to continue using my Roco Multimaus Zentrale Pro system for years and years – the idea of operating a train via touch interface has just not appealed to me. But this new controller from Piko is really interesting! Thankfully it doesn’t require the Ecos Central Station investment. I’ll be keeping my eye out for these once they start to get produced! I may have to switch after all! I also have to say, Piko is really quite impressive, from nothing in N Scale a mere 5 or so years ago, to no having a nicely broad line up of models AND now with a great looking controller? Impressive!

    • Hi Jerry, nice to see updates pouring on http://quinntopia.blogspot.com again!Piko is indeed a nice surprise, although I haven’t tested the ESU/Piko Android handheld yet, it seems like a great product.

      You seem to always be scared by expensive command stations (which I understand), but I just commented on Quinntopia: in order to save on a $500 purchase, you’re investing in a terrible solution that will end up costing 50% more, causing 200% more pain, and providing 20% of the flexibility you could have.
      Not having an intelligent command station or a more basic command station connected to a PC means you have to put little expensive and hard to configure “mini-brains” all along your layout. It’s frankly the 1980’s way of doing things.

      Think about it. I am humbly warning you on your blog and here on mine 😉
      If you wanna have a quick Skype chat or similar someday, please don’t hesitate to let me know via email.
      I can’t say I hold the ultimate truth, but I am pretty sure you’ve selected the wrong angle of automation. You do such wonderful things with your layouts, it would be sad to see Quinntopia get lost in frustration again 😉


  • MesmeroJoe

    Weird, my profile shows up with the wrong name! I have too many profiles (this is QUINNTOPIA or Jerry!

    • Hi Jerry, I know it was you. My Disqus comment system integrates with google, so you were probably logged in with this google profile at some point within the same browser.

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