• Jerry Quinn

    Seattle? Hey, you’ll be in my part of the world! I hope you enjoyed your visit (the weather has been a bit typical for this time of year unfortunately)!

    • Hi Jerry, don’t worry, I wasn’t expecting a tropical experience in Seattle. Besides it wasn’t a requirement for thanksgiving (i.e. eating and drinking) 😉

      I took the monorail and also visited Eastside Trains in Kirkland.
      I loved that they had so many American trains..most stores I have seen until now (on the East coast) had lots of German products, which is kinda boring for me. 
      Too bad US rolling stock doesn’t like small European N radiuses !

      Did I miss a better store in the area?

  • Hi there! That’s a beautiful train and one I’ve been eyeing for a while. The only reason I’ve been holding off is that the same type has been announced by Hobbytrain/Kato for a while now and I’m hoping for a more detailed model with more up-to-date circuitry from them once it is finally issued. Btw, your history is a little backward. The ET403 was originally developed as a potential substitute to loco-powered Inter City (IC) trains, which at the time were 1st class only (and pulled by Series 103 or 112 electrics). The ET403 was first unveiled, in its original grey with black and red stripes livery, in 1973. But in 1979 DB changed the IC product to a two class system of hourly connections on the main routes between the major cities. Now suddenly four-to-six coach trains were replaced by trains with eleven or more coaches to account for the increased 2nd class demand. The ET403 wasn’t designed for that sort of operation. After some time as a testbed and use for special services, DB entered into an agreement with Lufthansa whereby the trains would be repainted in LH livery and used as a shuttle between Frankfurt and Dusseldorf airports for ticketed LH passengers only in lieu of a very short domestic connecting flight. This worked well for a while and was popular with tourists since the train took the scenic route through the middle Rhine valley. But in 1993 the trains were due for an overhaul due to extensive corrosion damage of the newfangled aluminum structure. LH wasn’t in the mood to pay for that, so the service ended and the trains were parked. They have been sitting around in increasingly poor condition for years now. But some individuals have apparently put up some money to have at least one unit restored either as a museum or to return to operational condition. I don’t know.


    • Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment Misha, I’ll post a correction in the article to mention my mistake.
      As for the Kato version, I think I had heard of it…but patience is not one of my strengths 😉

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