Hey everyone, it has been too long since I haven’t posted anything here. I hope everybody is staying safe, and maybe has more time at home to play with model trains! Here’s a short update: after more than 2 years without a layout, it’s time to start again…

So after another move, it’s time to take the layout out again. Of course, it was never finished in the first place, but now constraints are different, and I realize I am not satisfied with my previous modular layout, which I had presented here in 3D, and looks like that (at least for the upper and lower parts):

N-scale layout, level 1

Upper level (L1) of my N-scale layout

My N-scale layout - Fiddle Yard

Fiddle Yard

So, now, I want to start again. Not completely. I would like to reuse part of my upper lever station, and also most of my hidden fiddle yard.

But the new layout will have to be lifted up to the ceiling in the evening (another constraint), while on the other hand have the possibility to be much bigger.
Among other constraints, I’d like to have the main part of the layout never go with curves under a radius of 249cm (a recurrent minimum for many trains such as Kato models).

Right now, I am only starting. I am looking at layout plans and ideas.

How about you? Where are your projects? And how did you plan your own layout? If you have any tips, don’t hesitate to comment below!