Quick unboxing of an odd-colored French SNCF diesel engine: the BB75000 Prima Infra from Rocky Rail.


This engine is part of the common BB75000 SNCF diesel engine, with a livery of the former SNCF Infra. SNCF Infra was an SNCF subsidiary in charge of network maintenance (details on Wikipedia here).

As for more details on the Prima range of engines, the Wikipedia page also shows a nice image of the different liveries that were or are still to be seen on French and European networks: SNCF BB 75000.


This is a RockyRail model in N scale, part no RR675085 as a limited edition of 250 pieces. Rocky Rail is a small manufacturer that has become quite visible lately in Europe with many N scale models. The engine is up to date with modern standards: good motor, white/red LED headlights. It is however equipped only with the aging NEM651 standard digital socket.

As the title suggest, for lack of time this is going to be a quick unboxing article.

The engine is properly packed and comes with detail accessories to apply. In a way, I find it funny that we pay so much for little models, and still have to finish building them ourselves in some cases. However, thos fine details are very welcome, and because my layout still is far away from being finished, I keep the accessories as they are. My engines will be prepped for the big day (in 2025?) when I’ll have time again to finish my layout!

RockyRail RR675085 - SNCF BB75000 Prima Infra unboxing

RockyRail RR675085 – Unboxing

The yellow livery is interesting as it is quite uncommon in France:

RockyRail RR675085 - SNCF BB75000 Prima Infra RockyRail RR675085 - SNCF BB75000 Prima Infra

Conversion details

This time, no fancy conversion with sound or added light. I am going the easy way: just adding a NEM 651 decoder!

RockyRail RR675085 - SNCF BB75000 Prima Infra with NEM651 socket

Open engine with NEM651 socket

RockyRail RR675085 - SNCF BB75000 Prima Infra with decoder

Engine with NEM 651 decoder (ESU LokPilot Micro v4)


A nice little engine that runs smoothly. Sometimes it’s fun just putting a decoder in, without DIYing, and being able to play immediately!

RockyRail RR675085 - SNCF BB75000 Prima Infra on track