The “Märklin Tage & IMA” (Märklin Days & International Model Train Expo) have started today, until Sunday…

Every two years, Märklin transforms its hometown of Göppingen (near Stuttgart) into a paradise for train fans: a combination of a model train fair, with manufacturers and layouts, and a classic train fair with many old engines and trains.

Everything is spread out across the (small) city, with a free bus service (and even a “Schienenbus” shuttle!) to move around.
Steam engines, layouts, old cars, model train manufacturers…everything is there. I’ll be there and maybe will post a few pictures.

If you’re not far from Germany, I’d say that’s an event not to miss.

Update (pics)

So, it’s over. A bit disappointing for N fans I must say, but still a great event. Here are a few random pictures (click to enlarge):

The Piko area, with those great N railcars (despite their annoying Plux-12 sockets). I want the blue one now 😉


IMA-Märklin Tage 2013-5_dtw

The Schienenbus that served 2 areas of the event (for €1 per trip). I don’t know why, I just love this diesel train, it’s just plain cute:

IMA-Märklin Tage 2013-4_dtw

Some random steam engines:

IMA-Märklin Tage 2013-3_dtw

The (permanent) Märklin store and museum, not very much to see for N fans unfortunately:

IMA-Märklin Tage 2013-2_dtw

The concert/food area. Not many people outside because of the weather (as 2 years ago…), but believe me, the whole town of Göppingen, and the 4 event locations were packed:

IMA-Märklin Tage 2013-1_dtw


Finally, I urge you to watch this video. It’s not from me, it shows the departure of all engines from the IMA/Märklin Tage 2011. Quite an exceptional convoy: