• José Luis Fernández Abellán

    Good comparison! Have you tried Cobalt motors? Its DCC version has the decoder included, too low noise, slow speed… but they’re too big, I think.

    • http://www.DigiTrainWorld.com/ Pierre

      Thanks José, I just had a look at the Cobalts motors. They look pretty bulky indeed, but I do like the fact that they are ready to attach under the layout.

      It’s always interesting to get suggestions like that. Many brands or products are very country-specific, or hard to find in some places, so don’t hesitate to provide other insights in the future!

  • Peter

    I think, miniservo is the right choice. There is an other called “microservo” on market available. It’s so small, that can be used on layout surface. It can be installed just beside the turnout. The name of the pruducer is Weichen-Walter and the microservo can be found on onlineshop webside.