A short update on my – very quiet – layout.

So I was at the Die Modellbahn model train fair in Munich today. A small fair, with only some of the usual suspects exhibiting.

I got my hands of on one track element I’ve been wanting to get: the wonderful Kato double crossover (I bought it as a set):

2015-11 Layout Update-1_LGK
Those Kato switches are really well made, I have had litteraly no derailments in my hidden fiddle yard since I went for them. Frankly, German manufacturers should get back to the drawing board.

As usual however, this piece of Kato track will be hidden (I don’t like the ballast color and shape). The idea is to replace some derailment-prone Fleischmann switches…

2015-11 Layout Update-2_LGK


To a much safer plan:


2015-11 Layout Update-3_LGK


I’ll tell you how it goes. I also got my hands on another DCC Qdecoder Z2-8+ (already reviewed here) to control the Kato double crossover (and other things):

2015-11 Layout Update-4_LGK