After the post yesterday about the layout plans, here is a a quick picture of my layout as it is now. The 2 pictures show the 4 modules altogether.

As you can see there is still a lot to do. To be honest I have the most fun trying different devices, not building landscape (yet).

For example, I have been replacing my switches motors twice now, after finally finding the best solution for me (more on that in later blog posts).

I am using 3 types of tracks:

  • Fleischmann N (with ballast)
  • Fleischmann N without ballast (formerly Roco N)
  • Peco N Finescale, code 55

The Fleischmann track is always hidden (I had many switches left), while I have been replacing visible track with Peco N Finescale, by which I am very satisfied.

As I am not a purist, I was a bit scare about the whole “code 55” realistic track stories. But what I had read online was true: the code 55 of Peco in N is actually no code 55 (meaning flatter). It appears flatter on the outside, because the metal tracks are “burried” lower in the sleepers. But on the inside, it has a standard height. Which means that 100% of my rolling stock (old Arnold, Fleischmann…) works without a problem.
Last but not least…such track is actually cheaper per meter than the Fleischmann one.

What you see on the top right, that looks like a small table next to the layout is my “control center”. It contains all power devices, my command statation, and is also a stand for my laptop computer. I’ll be discussing that more later…