• PeteW

    Hello. Thanks for this simple explaination. I believe it is very useful. However, there is an error in the paragraph on disecting a CV. You state that the bits in the bytes are numbered from right to left. This is incorrect. It is the opposite. The bit with the highest value (Most Significant Bit) is bit 0 and on the left. Later on you you give an example of setting bit 1 “high” and show the bit second from the left. This is correct but can be confusing to the reader who was told that bit 1 is on the right of the byte.
    just my 2 eurocents.

    • http://www.DigiTrainWorld.com/ Pierre

      Hi Pete,
      Thanks a lot for taking the time to correct! However, I’m not sure who’s right or wrong here.

      Bit numbering is a convention, from left to right or right to left (MSB, LSB): both are correct http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bit_numbering

      In the train world, the convention is to use right to left (bit 0 on the left, least significant bit). That’s what is used by all DCC manufacturers (at least all those I know, mostly in Europe).
      My example is setting bit “6” to high, I haven’t found the portion where I talk about setting bit “1” to high.

      Again, I am not an engineer so feel free to correct me (again :) ).