• Jerry Quinn

    Bummer to see the somewhat limited options for LocoNet now that you got be excited to consider that direction! I’m trying to determine if I want my next layout to be more ‘modular’ in design, or not.

    Great article by the way. Your blog is very helfpul for me in figuring out what I really want from my next layout!

  • Jerry Quinn

    Great Post! Loconet seems really useful. Shame that the ESU does not support it! Arghh! Thanks for this- it’s excellent info as I try and deterine what I want from my next layout!

    • http://www.DigiTrainWorld.com/ Pierre

      Well, ESU actually does have a Loconet adapter for the Ecos II now: http://www.esu.eu/en/products/digital-control/lnet-converter/
      It comes with a big hidden caveat IMHO: it is (for now) impossible to send the Loconet occupation information to a PC via the ECOS. So using Loconet for detection + ECOS II with Lnet adapter is a bad idea (not future proof).
      But I still love my ECOS II. One future-proof setup could be:
      – ECOS II + LNet converter (e.g. for cheap Loconet throttles)
      – Using the ECOS’ S88 port or proprietary ECOSlink for occupancy feedback (these can be transmitted to a PC if ever needed).
      – Of course, using smartphones with an app (or even the fancy ESU Mobile Control II) is also always an option.

      The cleanest Loconet option these days is the Roco Z21 (the “black” version with the big Z, not the white version). But in that case, no fancy touchscreen, you need to “bring your own screens” (free apps on phones, tablets, or expensive PC software) or connect physical Loconet throttles. And again, since you mentioned the ESU Mobile Control II on your website, remember: although you can (already) install and use the Z21 app on the ESU Mobile Control II, the MCII’s buttons and physical throttle will NOT work unless Roco decides to update their app…for the competition. Which basically means, if you really need to have an ESU Control II (and I would tend to agree 😉 ), using it with a Z21 would bring no added value compared with the same Z21 app on an old iPhone or Android phone without physical buttons….
      I stand by my remote control analogy: touchscreen are great, physical buttons remains vital. Just as you need to “feel” where the volume buttons are with the eyes still on the TV, you need to “feel” where the throttle is while keeping the eyes on the train. No smartphone or tablet can provide this… the ESU Mobile Control II is the only solution to bring (on paper) all advantages together.

      Yep, for command stations and DCC…it’s also a mess, but it’s becoming a fancier mess 😉

      • Jerry Quinn

        Thanks again. Yeah, like you, I can’t ‘run’ trains just off a touch screen. I think your Ecos II solution makes the most sense.